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Effective Presentations (SSD-01)

Welcome to the Effective Presentations course. This course will explore effective presentation skills on how to make more engaging and practical professional presentations that can be applied to your daily tasks in the workplace. The focus of the course is on two areas: 1) how to decide and package your message, and 2) how to get your message across and how to use visual supports. Those key elements: prepare, structure, make, and support can be applied practically in your professional settings.

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  • Welcome to Effective Presentations
  • Welcome to the Course
  • Navigating the Course
  • Final Assignment Overview
  • Week 1: Preparing and structuring your presentation
  • Week 1: Overview and Objectives
  • Week 1: Preparing your Presentation
  • Week 1: Structuring your Presentation
  • Week 1: Readings
  • Week 1: Discussion
  • Week 1: Collaboration
  • Week 1: Knowledge Check (10 Questions)
  • Week 2: Making and supporting your presentation
  • Week 2: Overview and Objectives
  • Week 2: Making your Presentation
  • Week 2: Supporting your Presentation
  • Week 2: Readings
  • Week 2: Activity
  • Week 2: Questions and Comments
  • Week 2: Knowledge Check (10 Questions)
  • It's time: Final Assignment
  • Conclusion
  • End-of-course Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever